A number of people returned from the recent Dreamforce conference.  One told me that this is now the largest IT conference. This information was followed up with the statement that Microsoft is missing the boat and will soon go the way of Novell.  This got me to thinking.  Does this statement hold any water?

Any large company definitely has the possibility getting tunnel vision.  Microsoft is not immune to these issues.  But is it possible that their culture might could as an anti-virus.

There is one thing that Microsoft has shown that they can do well time after time.  They may not be the first to the game, but they are very good at learning from what other companies invent.  Can you say Office, Internet Explorer.  They weren’t the first to have a word processor or browser, but that didn’t stop them dominating the market.

Given their history I think there is a good chance that Microsoft will learn from any advantage SalesForce may have and eventually accelerate past them.  Of course we will all have to watch and see.