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How Agility leads to functional design and even TDD
What is it that the customer wants when she orders a software? Behavior. I define behavior as the relationship between input, output, and side effects. It´s like with the Turing Test. When can we consider a machine intelligent? As soon as we cannot tell from a dialog whether the "hidden participant" is a human or not. The Turing Test is about behavior. Requirements are met if some input leads to desired output and expected side effects. This includes performance, security, usability and other aspects. ......

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The Incremental Architect´s Napkin - #7 - Nest flows to scale functional design
You can design the functionality of any Entry Point using just 1D and 2D data flows. Each processing step in such flows contains logic1 to accomplish a smaller or larger part of the overall process. To benefit most from Flow Design, the size of each such step should be small, though. Now think of this scenario: You have a program with some 100,000 lines of code (LOC). It can be triggered through 25 Entry Points. If each started a flow of maybe 5 processing steps that would mean, functional units ......

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