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A lot of websites now allow us to login or create accounts via OAuth or OpenID. We can use our Facebook, Twitter, Google, Windows Live account and others. The problem with a lot of these is we have to have allow the websites to then have access to our account and profile data that they shouldn't really have. 

Below is a Twitter authorization screen for example when signing in via Technorati. Now Technorati can follow new people, update my profile and post tweets? All I wanted to do was login to to comment on a post!

Mozilla has just released their new solution for this called Persona. First thought is oh great another solution! But they are actually providing something a little different and better. It is based on an email address and isn't linked to anything like our personal social networks or their information. Persona only exists to help with logging in to websites. No loose strings attached.

Persona is based on a new standard called BrowserID and you can read more about it here:
How BrowserID Works.  The goal is to integrate BrowserID in to the browser at a deeper level so no password entry is required at all. You can tell your web browser to just auto sign in for you. I am really hoping this takes off and will look at implementing it in current projects! I would recommend researching it and lets hope it or something like it becomes a wide spread reality in the future.
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This sounds better, for privacy-purposes.
Left by Joe on Oct 04, 2012 10:02 PM

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It really sounds like a nice and interesting process that we can use. - Paradise Home Improvement Charlotte
Left by Jamie Carlson on Feb 03, 2017 11:09 AM

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