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Enterprise Library


SQL Server


Visual Studio / ReSharper

to learn

SHIFT + ALT + PgDown/PgUp (R#)
Find next/previous error

ALT + PgDown/PgUp (R#)
Find next/previous suggestion/hint


ALT + ENTER (R#, ReSharper.QickFix)
Show quick fixes and content actions

CTRL + D (R#, ReSharper.DuplicateText)
Duplicate (line or selection)

CTRL + K, S (VS, Edit.SurroundWith)
Code Snippet Picker (wrap around)

CTRL + Alt + RightArrow or LeftArrow (R#, ReSharper.ExtendSelection)
Extends/Shrinks selection

CTRL + K, X (VS, Edit.InsertSnippet)
Code Snippet Picker (insert)

CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + UpArrow or DownArrow (R#, Move Method (up/down))
Moves method above or down to the previous or next method

CTRL + M, O (VS, Edit.CollapseToDefinitions)
Collapses existing regions and types

CTRL + M, L (VS, Edit.ToggleAllOutlining)
Fully collapses and expands regions

CTRL + M, M (VS, Edit.Toggle-OutliningExpansion)
Collapses and expands actual region

CTRL + M, P (VS, Edit.StopOutlining)
Expands regions

CTRL + SHIFT + V (VS, Edit.CycleClipboardRing)
Pastes from the Clipboard ring

CTRL + SHIFT + H (VS, Edit.ReplaceInFiles)
Replace in files


SHIFT + ALT + ENTER (VS, View.FullScreen
Full screen mode

CTRL + ALT + DownArrow (VS, Window.ShowEzMDIFileList)
Lists all open documents

Opens "Properties" dialog

CTRL + TAB (?)
Navigates through recent files


CTRL + SPACE (VS, Edit.CompleteWord)
Completes current word

CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE (?, Edit.ParameterInfo)
Displays method parameter infos

CTRL + J (VS, Edit.ListMembers)
Invokes completion list

CTRL + K, I (VS, Edit.QuickInfo)
Displays complete declaration


CTRL + R, R or F2 (VS, Refactor.Rename)
Opens "Rename" dialog

CTRL + R, M (VS, Refactor.ExtractMethod)
Opens "Extract Method" dialog

CTRL + R, E (VS, Refactor.EncapsulateField)
Opens "Encapsulate Field" dialog

CTRL + R, F (R#, ReSharper.IntroduceField)
Introduce Field

CTRL + R, I (VS, Refactor.ExtractInterface)
Opens "Extract Interface" dialog

ALT + DEL (R#, ReSharper.SafeDelete)
Safe Delete

CTRL + R, P (VS, Refactor.PromoteLocalVariabletoParameter)   

CTRL + R, V (VS, Refactor.RemoveParameters)


CTRL + F10 (VS, Debug.RunToCursor)
Run to Cursor

SHIFT + F11 (VS, Debug.StepOut)   

SHIFT + F5 (VS, Debug.StopDebugging)   

F9 (VS, Debug.ToggleBreakpoint)
Set/remove breakpoint

CTRL + F9 (VS, Debug.EnableBreakpoint)
Disable/enable breakpoint

Make Datatip Transparent


F6 (VS, Build.BuildSolution)
Builds all the projects

SHIFT + F6 (VS, Build.BuildSelection)
Builds the selected project


SHIFT + ALT + L, (R#, ReSharper. LocateInSolutionExplorer)
Locate in Solution Explorer

SHIFT + F12 (VS, Edit.FindAllReferences)
List of all references for symbol

F12 (VS, Edit.GoToDefinition)
Navigates to declaration

CTRL + SHIFT + , (R#, ReSharper.GotoRecentEdits)
View recent edits

F8 (?, Edit.GoToNextLocation)
Next item (Task List, Find Results)

CTRL + I (?, Edit.IncrementalSearch)
Activates incremental search

CTRL + - (VS, View.NavigateBackward)
Previously edited code

F7 (R#, View.ViewCode/ViewDesigner)
Switch to code or design view

CTRL + G, (?, Edit.GoTo)
Opens "Go To Line" dialog

SHIFT + ALT + L (R#)
Locate in solution explorer


CTRL + C (VS/R#, Edit.Copy)
Copy (line or selection)

CTRL + X (VS/R#, Edit.Cut)
Cut (line or selection)

CTRL + ALT + / (R#)
CTRL + K, C (VS, Edit.CommentSelection)
Inserts // at the beginning

CTRL + ALT + / (R#)
CTRL + K, U (VS, Edit.UncommentSelection)
Removes the // at the beginning

CTRL + SHIFT + / (?, Block comment)
Inserts /* at the beginning and */ at the end

CTRL + K, D (VS, Edit.FormatDocument)
Formats indentation

CTRL + . (VS, View.ShowSmartTag)
Open smart tag menu

CTRL + SHIFT + F (VS, Edit.FindInFiles)
Find in files

CTRL + 8 (R#, Code analysis on/off)
Enable/Disable code analysis


Alt + V, U
Full screen


Ctrl + R
Reply message

Ctrl + F
Forward message

Ctrl + Shift + M
New message

Ctrl + K
Check names

Ctrl + Backspace
Delete the previous word

Ctrl + Enter
Send message

Alt + J
Move to the Subject field

Ctrl + 1
Goto mail

Ctrl + 2
Goto calendar

Alt + F4
Close current window


Win + Anfangsbuchstabe oder Ctrl + ESC + Anfangsbuchstabe
rotiert im expandierten Startmenü zwischen den entsprechenden Treffern

Win + 1 .. 9
startet das jeweilige Programm aus der Taskleiste unten - beziehungsweise minimiert es oder stellt es wieder her

Win + Up Arrow / Win + Down Arrow
Maximize current window / Restore down or minimize current window

Win + Left Arrow / Win + Right Arrrow
Dock the current window to the left or right half of the screen

Win + Shift + Left Arrow/Right Arrow
verschiebt das Bild auf den linken bzw. rechten Bildschirm

Win + Home
Minimize all but the current window

Win + Space
Makes all windows transparent so you can see through to the desktop

Win + Shift + Up Arrow / Win + Shift + Down Arrow
Maximize vertical size / Restore vertical size

Win + P
Presentation mode

Win + X
Mobility center with enhanced options

Win + Break
displays system properties

Win + #

Windows + R
Open run dialog

Shift + Ctrl + Click at application
Start program in admin-mode

Win + + / Win + – / Win + Esc
Magnifier zoom in and zoom out, close


Ctrl + N
opens a new explorer window

Ctrl + Shift + N
creates a new folder

Ctrl + F4
Address bar

Chrome / SRWare Iron

Ctrl + PgDown / Ctrl + PgUp
rotiert durch die Reiter

Ctrl + 1 bis Ctrl + 8
Switches to the tab at the specified position number on the tab strip

Ctrl + Shift + LMB-Click
Open link in new tab and switches to new tab

Alt + Home
Open homepage in current window

Activate and highlight address bar for typing new stuff

Scrolls down


Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopens last closed tab

Ctrl + W oder Ctrl + F4
Closes the current tab

Ctrl + J
Open download page

posted on Friday, August 27, 2010 10:45 AM