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Now with some little corrections the IDoc goes to SAP. Both Flatfile and XML IDocs can be pickuped and delivered to SAP.

First at all you need a Send Pipeline (e.g. spORDERS01) with a Flat File Assembler to transform a XML- to a Flatfile-IDoc.  As the Document Schema you specify the imported schema from SAP (e.g.  ORDERS01). This Send Pipeline you must choose as the Send Pipeline in the configurationdialog from the Send Port for the SAP-system. It is a good idea to put all pipelines in a own assembly. It prevents the loosing of this setting during a new build of the intrinsic project.

Next thing is to create a Receive Pipeline (e.g. rpORDERS01) for transforming the Flatfile-IDoc to a XML-IDoc. Put a Flat File Disassembler in the pipeline ans choose the schema wich you imported from SAP (e.g.  ORDERS01). Next you can put a XML validator in the pipeline. In this case this schema must be in the document schemas collection.
Create a Receive Port with Receive Location. If you pickup a Flatfile-IDoc in a Receive Location dont forget to set the Receive Pipeline of your own (e.g. rpORDERS01).

posted on Thursday, March 9, 2006 4:26 PM


# re: Communication BizTalk to SAP via IDoc 4/20/2006 3:51 PM Wurox
What transport protocol do you use to exchange IDOCs between BizTalk on Windows and SAP on Unix? FTP?

# re: Communication BizTalk to SAP via IDoc 4/23/2006 8:24 AM Marko Apfel
Do you mean the field "Transport Type" in the send port properties? if you have installed the SAP-Adapter then there should be a new entry "SAP" available. In the properties of the SAP-Adapter you specify the connection properties to the SAP-system (message server, system, client, user, ..).

# re: Communication BizTalk to SAP via IDoc 4/25/2006 6:11 AM Wurox
Sorry, obviously I misunderstood your first post. I thought you were not satisfied with mySAP adapter (because it did not cover all functionalities that you needed) and you tried to use just a FTP adapter.

I have other
questions and they are as follows:
1) Do I have to use LS partner type, can I not use KU
customer type? I am asking this because my company trade
with only selected customers (sites), so it needs to be sold-to
for the inbound to SAP and bill-to for the outbound.
2) I have only tried outbound invoice from SAP becuase I
thought it was more simplier than testing the inbound. So
the question is using LS customer type, how do I trigger
SAP to initiate the outbound invoice trasaction? I have set up scenario as stated in msdn library but in that scenario they use LS and not KU.

Can you please describe how to set up SAP for both inbound and outbound IDOCs.

# re: Communication BizTalk to SAP via IDoc 5/30/2006 4:54 PM Marko Apfel
Sorry for the late Answer. I hoped i can try and document that. But our timeline isnt so fexible. Maybe i can answer that later.

# re: Communication BizTalk to SAP via IDoc 6/6/2011 11:16 AM Alexander

I nearly get as far as you did. But when i invoke the transaction i want (in this case generating an transport order), the Idoc isn't beeing send to the BizTalk Application. Do you have any Idea why that dosen't work?
I think it could be because of some kind of setup in the SAP system. What do i have to do for generating Idocs whenever a outplacement action is been taken??

Would be great if you would help such a Greenhorn like me :-D

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