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Seeing Double in Visual Studio 2012?

Friday, October 4, 2013 10:36 AM

When I launched Visual Studio this morning, I noticed something very strange with the menu - I was seeing double, as shown in Exhibit A:


Exhibit A – Is this an April fool’s joke?

My troubleshooting skills kicked in, and I did what any person would do in this situation. I gave my laptop the old 3-finger salute, poured myself a coffee, and launched Visual Studio again.

Fixed? Nope. Still broken, as evidenced in Exhibit B. 


Exhibit B – Still broken

The next steps worth trying were to:

  • a) drink some coffee, then
  • b) reset my dev environment settings through the command line: devenv /ResetSettings

That would surely fix my IDE, right? Wrong. *drinks more coffee*

My last resort was to just reapply the latest VS Update. I figured something had gone awry on my machine overnight because I couldn’t run Firefox either.

After a repair of Update 3, and one last computer restart…. voila! Visual Studio 2012 is back to its old self again!


If you’ve experienced this oddity in Visual Studio, and found a simpler approach to fixing it, let me know. Otherwise, if you find yourself in this situation, and aren’t sure what to do, just try to reapply the latest update and see if that gets you seeing straight again.