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Windows Phone 8 Recipes – The Missing Page

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 11:18 AM

As you know, my colleague, David Totzke and I, published an Apress book on Windows Phone 8 development. Nearing the end of the writing process, we were lucky enough to have the book’s Foreward written by Paul Laberge, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada. Unfortunately, the Foreward didn’t make it into the printed hard copy of the book, but it is available for download as a PDF when you purchase the book. However, I loved what he wrote, and felt it was worth sharing with everyone. So, I have received permission from Apress to publish it in a blog post (thanks Apress!).

Thanks Paul for taking the time to write it!



by Paul Laberge, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Canada

Throughout my career in technology, and most certainly in my seven years (and counting!) at Microsoft, I have been blessed to meet many amazing people passionate about building great software. When I was asked by Lori Lalonde and David Totzke to write a foreword for Windows Phone 8 Recipes, I was excited to do so because these are two people that I value not only as experts in the Windows Phone development field, but also as passionate advocates for building great software in the community.

My role at Microsoft allows me to work with many people across the country who are helping developers build on their skills through organizations like community user groups. David and Lori are two such individuals who are very involved in the Kitchener/Waterloo technology scene, running Canada’s Technology Triangle .NET User Group (affectionately abbreviated as CTTDNUG). They built their user group community from scratch, and now have some of Canada's most engaged, knowledgeable and passionate developers attending their monthly meetings. I have had the honor of speaking at their meetings on topics like Windows Phone development and Microsoft’s Modern UI and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with David and Lori in this capacity. They clearly have their fingers on the pulse of their community and continue to be extremely valuable advocates for the Microsoft platform, for which all of us at Microsoft are thankful.

My own journey with Windows Phone began roughly a year before the release of Windows Phone 7, when my team began evangelizing the platform to developers. Looking back at this journey to-date, it has been an exciting ride and I can truly say that this platform has ignited in me a passion for technology that I’ve never experienced before. Windows Phone represents an extension of the user, not just a device that fits in your pocket, and it has changed how I interact with technology, positively and permanently.

I am seeing this same passion ignited in developers across the world as they discover not only that their app ideas can come to life but that they can be published to the store successfully without a lot of prior knowledge of the platform. A consistent message I hear from new Windows Phone developers is that it is surprisingly easy to get started and be productive.

That said, sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part. Yes, there is a lot of information out there to get you going, but what if you need to learn how to do something specific and you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for it? Then this is the book for you. You can use it not only to kick start your app code but also as a fantastic reference that can help you get the most out of the many amazing features that Windows Phone has to offer. So turn your app idea into a reality on Windows Phone today. This book will help you get there, and you’ll have a lot of fun coding it along the way.