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Fringe SharePoint Continued

I have been working with a client that has several metadata property mappings. One of them being a "Yes\No" FIeld. The client has a "Confidential" field wich is really a check box. If a document is confidential then it is checked off, by default all documents are NOT confidential therefore, they field is un-checked. Well needless to say during a search query on that field, it would say, "error occured"  What the "H" is going on here!!?? looking at the windows logs didn't help as it was complaining that the search index was corrupt! related? unrelated I wasn't sure.



      This is only my assumption as I have not read any official documentation that states issues with this field, but I do think this is a bug in MOSS 2007 where it does not handle "Yes\No" very well on search queries. An error does not occur during crawl or during setup, only on search queries. 


Microsoft Resolution

      It appears that microsoft has come up with a solution to this, I don't know if it is written in any KB Article or if "Yes\No" fields are supported different but it appears that SharePoint creates an equivalent field in "Text" Format. in the creation of a Metadata field, you can pick from several options, "Decimal", "Date and Time", "Text", and "Yes\No" and also along with others. I noticed that SharePoint created , in this example, a field called "Confidential" (name of my field) in "Yes\No" format and a "Confidential" field in "Text" format.

     I created a Metadata mapping to the Text field and called it ConfidentialCode instead of Confidential.


Search Implementation

      So you might be asking, so what's the problem? Problem solved right? Well not quite. Interally sharepoint stores the value of "Yes\No" exatcly how you would expect it to, as a boolean value. "0\1". So the text representation of Confidential is really "0" or "1".

       What does it all mean? it means that when I edited the search page and webpart to display the metadata, "ConfidentialCode" that I created, end users would have to select the metadata but specify a value of "0" or "1". How ungly is that?!?!? Really not the best solution for end users. You don't want end users searching for confidential documents and selecting "1" as the value. or "0" if it's not confidential.


       Not the best solution but it is a solution to the issue. I know several blog posts have brought up this issue but none have describe the issue and the workaround that has been implemented by Microsoft.Hope it helps!

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