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April 2010 Entries

Visual Studio 2010 Short Cut Links!

This week Scott Cate came to South Florida and gave a great talk on his Visual Studio shortcuts and how he uses them. You can find a collection of short video’s he has done at: http://scottcate.com/tricks/

Also you might want to check out Sara Ford’s blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/saraford/default.aspx, she started doing a tip a day but has many more now. Scott covers many of these in the videos.

And.. as with past releases, the languages team has provided PDF’s with a lot of keyboard shortcuts, this time for VB, C#, F# and C++. You can find downloads for all of these at the top of the FlaDotNet.com page and are included below:

VB: http://www.fladotnet.com/downloads/VS2010VB.pdf

C#: http://www.fladotnet.com/downloads/VS2010CSharp.pdf

F#: http://www.fladotnet.com/downloads/VS2010FSharp.pdf

C++: http://www.fladotnet.com/downloads/VS2010CPP.pdf

Chris Catto adds that Zain Naboulsi has good tips too: http://blogs.msdn.com/zainnab

Happy Keyboarding!!