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June 2007 Entries

My Silverlight Presentation in West Palm Beach on 6/26/2007

Not a big crowd but we were able to pack into the conference room at www.beanstalknetworks.com and it made for a very pleasant and interactive session.

Here are many of the links we explored tonight:

www.silverlight.net - Go to "Get Started" to see what to download and install. You will find many of the demos there.

www.visitmix.com - Mixx Conference had many silverlight presentations, demos and hands on labs.

http://dev.live.com - Free media storage up to 4 gb.

 http://blogs.msdn.com/brada/archive/2007/06/07/silverlight1-1-asp-net-photoviewer-application.aspx - Chung Websters Silverlight Pictures demo on Brad Abrams blog

http://labs.live.com/photosynth/ - Not Silverlight but ideas of what could be done with UI

www.ineta.org - For user groups worldwide

www.fladotnet.com - South Florida and Tampa user groups

http://select.nytimes.com/gst/timesreader.htm - New York Times Readerhttp://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/office/bb497969.aspx - Developers Mapwww.searchdotnet.com - Dan Applemans customized Google search


Silverlight Basics

  1. Visit http://www.silverlight.net for more information, downloads, samples, etc.
  2. Silverlight is a browser plug-in that runs on IE, Firefox and Safari - Windows and Macs
  3. Silverlight is a vector rending engine that supports an upward compatible 2D subset of WPF graphic description language XAML
  4. Silverlight has built in media support for wmv, wma, mp3, jpeg and png files on both windows and MAC with a few lines of code and WITHOUT media player
  5. The 1.0 Version of Silverlight supports javascript client side scripting in a download a little over 1 mega byte.
  6. Version 1.1 of Silverlight will contain a subset of the CLR allowing client programming with any .net language (yes, Mac too)
  7. From a security standpoint, Silverlight runs in the context of the browser and does not have full access to the client machine.
  8. There will be a DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime)  add on for Silverlight allowing creating of the client side dynamic language of your choice.
  9. WPF and Silverlight allows even a video to be used as a paint brush texture so you can "paint" items with video.
  10. Using VB.NET or C# instead of JavaScript on the client can be up to 1000 times faster.
  11. Silverlight allows you to progressively play media content from any server or you can point to a streaming server.
  12. Silverlight can work from any server, windows or linux, IIS or Apache.
  13. Silverlight allows you to blend html, ajax and vector graphics.
  14. Silverlight supports hi-def (720p) full screen video.
  15. Version 1.1 of Silverlight will support JSON allowing automatic marshalling of .NET datatypes to/from javascript.

Chung Webster Silverlight Presentation

Here is a link to Brad Abrams who posted the code from Chung Webster's Silverlight presentation at Teched 2007 on June 7th.


Teched 2007 - Keynote

I almost skipped the Keynote as the entire west hall D at the Olrando convention center was filled. But as i was standing in teh middle hemming and hawing, i was pointed to few rows of seats, 10 rows back that had just opened so here i am!

The video was back to the future with doc showing Bob Muglia the Microsoft Bull Shti (MSBS) from past "visions".

The cumination of the intro was the back to the futre AMC driving out on stage with Doc and Bob M.

Now into the Micro-speak...

Four new areas of technolgy focus for "Dynamic IT"

1. Unified and Virtulized
2. Process-led model driven
3. Service Enable
4. User Focused

Energizer Cast Study Video..
 -They are using all the Microsoft products but of course no detail at all

Tom Bittman - VP Research - Gartner Group
 - IT and the need for Agility
- Response time expectations are shrinking, no tolerance for delay
- Relationships are online and shortlived
- Windows of oppotunity are smaller but more frequent