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February 2007 Entries

Boom at Pier 66

The MSDN event at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 yesterday ended with a big bang!

As Russ Fustino and Shervin Shakibi were doing the 2nd of 3 presentations in front of 300(?) people, a large bang shook the walls and shocked the crowd.

It sounded like a large garbage dumpster being dropped 10 stories to a concrete pad. It was unclear if it was a mechanical shock or explosion or if we should all be running for our  lives.

Amazingly, nobody paniced and except for a few all stayed in their seats while Russ and Shervin tried to continue. The distraction was people yelling somewhere in the back. After a few minutes I left the hall and to the mens room to see if anything was going on but there was no obvious activity.

After returning to the room, now maybe 10 minutes after the explosion, the word came that the fire department was evacuating the hotel due to a gas leak. At this point where I was sitting the smell of gas was very strong.

So we all evacuated and basically that was then end of the presentations!

The good news is that we started the pub club 2 hours early which was probably a good idea as this was Fat Tuesday and the Bahia Cabana was packed by 6pm.

Turns out it was a gas explosion and luckly nobody was hurt.

Shervin and Russ really blew this one!!


South Florida Code Camp 2007 - Presentations

After some prodding from a few attendees, we have put  out a call for speaker links for the presentations.

A number of presentations are available on the home page http://codecamp07.fladotnet.com as speakers send in links.

I'll post new ones as they come in.


South Florida Code Camp 2007 - Pictures and Review!

I capped the registration at 650 but we still got 500 attendees (better than normal conversion rate..)

The 120 pizza's went fast... we could have used a few more... On the other hand there was only $27.69 left after everything was paid so it all worked out ok! We also drank over 700 bottles of water and cans of soda plus many dozens of donuts, muffins and bagels. Not to mention gallons of coffee. Even with all this food, the small cafe in the Devry cafeteria did a booming cash business.

Thanks to everyone who helped...

Ed Hill and Devry University, staff and student volunteers made everything work smoothly printing signs, handling registration and everything else from a venue standpoint.

Mihir Patel for attending to the website, keeping the daily updates on track and sorting through the daily email.

Shervin Shakibi, Joe Healy, Andrew Connell and Jose Berrios for arranging speakers and tracks.

Alex Funkhouser for arranging collecting logos and managing the design and ordering of T-Shirts.

Pierre Donyegro for arranging the speaker reception and the pub club after the event....

Sara and the other waitresses at Anthos greek restaurant in Weston Town Center made both evenings a real pleasure.

All the speakers who spent their own money and took time away from families to travel to South Florida from Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples not to mention our local speakers all did a great job. I only heard and saw positive comments.

Of course all the sponsors who donated time and treasure to make it all possible. In particular, Infragistics!

I would be remiss if I did not mention John "IceMan" Donagan from Naples who made multiple runs to Publix for Ice.

The pizza from John The Baker was delivered on time, in quantity, at a very reasonable price and was very good!

Check out the pictures: http://codecamp07.fladotnet.com/images/2007_02_SFCodeCamp/

Thanks to everyone!!

Orlando Code Camp comming up on March 24, 2007... Visit http://www.orlandocodecamp.com/ for more information!

Dave Noderer


South Florida Code Camp Filling up... and look at all those juicy sessions!

We are approaching the registration limit of 600 so get registered now!

Info: http://codecamp.fladotnet.com

Register: https://www.clicktoattend.com/invitation.aspx?code=112266


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