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September 2006 Entries

Scott Cate does MVP at FlaDotNet in Miramar, FL

No... not Most Valuable Professional but “Model View Presenter”.

Last night Scott gave what I think was the best technical presentation we ever had. He built a multi-tiered application in a couple of hours including projects and database. He did not even paste code snippets.

More importantly he was able to bring the entire 60+, standing room only crowd along explaining a number of complex concepts along the way. He took the mystery out of “interfaces“ using easy to understand analogies. Afterwards he spent an hour answering questions and talking to people.

We were fortunate to be able to get Scott through the INETA speakers bureau but you can also catch him at a number user groups and conferences. If you will be in Boston for VSLive, Scott is doing a keynote there: http://www.ftponline.com/conferences/vslive/2006/boston/keynotes.aspx.

Get the source code and see Scott's blog at: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottcate/archive/2006/09/13/Florida.NET-User-Group-a-Success-_2D002D00_-Thanks-Dave-Noderer.aspx




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