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November 2015 Entries

Case Study on Importance of Clear Contest Rules (But Matthew Good Is Still Awesome)

Part of running a conference, or a trade booth at a conference, is holding contests for prizes. While this may seem trivial in its execution, its very important that you think through and communicate the rules of said contest - otherwise you could have some very unhappy participants. Let me give you an example.Tonight I'm heading to the Matthew Good concert which I'm pretty pumped about. He's doing a contest at every stop by showing a landmark and getting fans to rush to the spot and post a pic of ......

On Co-Location, Email, and Face-To-Face Communication

I broke my own rule – I tweeted a thought as a controversial statement. From this erupted responses from numerous people from the other point of view (mainly on the co-location piece and whether face-to-face is necessary, not so much defending email). So instead of trying to discuss this in 140 characters, here’s my full train of thought on this. The tweet was born out of two different events: 1) A tweet by Steve Porter that “email is not a collaboration tool” (I fav’d it). 2) My team had just worked ......