D'Arcy from Winnipeg
Solution Architecture, Business & Entrepreneurship, Microsoft, and Adoption

June 2015 Entries

Review – Guidebook, Mobile App for Conferences/Events

For Prairie Dev Con Regina I decided to use Guidebook – a service that provides a mobile application for conferences and events along with online administration/content-mana... tools. If you’re running any sort of conference/event, you should definitely check it out! Overall I was really happy with it, only a few minor gripes. Here’s my review. The way Guidebook works is that you create your “Guidebook” on their website. Then your attendees download the Guidebook app and access your specific guidebook. ......

Thoughts on Building, Making, Being Positive, Fearing Failure, and Smoking Meat

I was recently gifted a smoker from my awesome Prairie Dev Con speakers – an electric Bradley 4 rack smoker! Upon reading the instructions, I realized that due to the “electronic” nature of the device, it can’t just be left outside to the elements like a BBQ can. So I started looking around at custom enclosures people were building and got some ideas. Now, I’m *not* what you would call a handy-man type of guy. I didn’t grow up doing carpentry projects or working on cars or anything like that, but ......