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Thank You Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Saturday, April 4, 2015 11:49 AM

Microsoft turned 40 this week. That’s a huge accomplishment for any company, but considering Microsoft’s growth and its impact on the technology industry its even more impressive.

Many articles will talk about the impact Microsoft has had on personal computing, but what shouldn’t be lost here is Microsoft’s impact on the global economy over the last 4 decades. Out of one company and one company’s products, millions of people have found gainful employment and created amazing products of their own.

I graduated college in 2001. In my 14 years, in which I’ve focused on Microsoft technologies, I’ve…

- traveled all over North America; LA, Seattle, Orlando, Minneapolis, Anaheim, Atlanta, San Francisco

- met amazing people, created long standing friendships, and continue to connect with people from around the world

- found common ground in my local technology community and created personal connections

- worked on awesome software projects and with amazing people

- been given opportunities like the MVP program, Microsoft Regional Director, and speaking at various conferences and UGs

And all of this because 40 years ago Bill Gates and Paul Allen started a company called Microsoft.

Many of us owe our careers in part to the technologies and platforms Microsoft created. And by many, I mean literally millions of people around the world who develop software or manage IT infrastructure.

So thank you Bill and Paul not only for creating a fantastic company who achieved its goal of making a computer in every home a reality, but for also creating an industry that many of us have benefited from personally.


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