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March 2015 Entries

Why I Don’t Pay Speakers to Speak at My Conference

I had a few conversations at Prairie Dev Con this week with people who were shocked to find that I don’t pay the speakers I invite to my conference. There’s also been some popular blog posts over the last year from Seb Lee-Delisle and Jenn Lukas that encourage speakers to push for travel & hotel coverage along with reimbursement for speaking at an event. So – why don’t I pay my speakers? Simple – I can’t. Well, that’s a little simplistic, so let me explain. First, context – I run my conference ......

Thoughts from PrDC 2015

I wrapped up my 9th Prairie Dev Con this week. I’ve been running conferences since 2009 (earlier if you count Code Camps I guess), and after 2 SDECs and 9 PrDCs, I’m finding that I still learn something new every time. Here’s some thoughts from this year’s event. Mobile Apps are Essential This year I updated the conference website for the second time since 2010, although this one was a total re-write instead of tweaking the colour scheme. Moving the site to BootStrap gave the site a mobile-friendly ......