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MVP Summit 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013 3:18 PM

I got back on Thursday last week from the Microsoft MVP Summit in the Seattle area. MVPs are tech community leaders who are awarded annually by Microsoft based on their contributions and leadership. They throw a big party conference in the Seattle area every year for MVPs, who come from all over the world. It’s like a big geeky Folklarama.

MVPs are slotted based on a Microsoft product group. I’m in the ASP.NET/IIS group, others might be in the ALM (TFS) group, Windows Phone, Languages, Office, etc.

This year was a great summit. Lot’s of great stuff coming out of the ASP.NET team moving forward, although I can’t really say anything because I’m under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). But trust me – kewl things are a comin’.

So since I can’t tell you about what I learned or heard, I’ll show you pictures of what me and my friends did while down there. This year was a banner year for new Canadian MVPs. I was actually surprised that some of these guys were only first year rookies to the program:

Tyler Doerksen
Dylan Smith
Chad McCallum
David “Canadian Julie Lerman” Paquette (Go EF, Go EF!)

Good times…

So…what did we get up to? Well…

Check out my photos from the week here.


Unfortunately, they tell a story like this: drunk geeks, drunk geeks, Dick Tracey, bald guy with Brazilians, bald guy with another bald guy, burrito, football stadium, drunk geeks, drunk geeks playing with lobster, lobster.

Well, pics of non-drunk geeks typing on laptops wouldn’t be much fun would it? And again – I’m under NDA at the sessions.

How about some video?

At the attendee party, which was at the Seattle Seahawk’s stadium, they had a bunch of events including a field goal kicking station. So Chad McCallum…from Regina…decided to show us all how it was done. (For those that don’t get the reference, see here.)

And an MVP Summit wouldn’t be complete without some karaoke. James Chambers decided to wow us with his mic skills (see this video for last year’s masterpiece! He’s at the 6:55 mark.). Here he is hitting us one more time:

Fantastic time, looking forward to next year!



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