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March 2010 Entries

Winnipeg SQL Server UG April Event – How To Do An Index Review

April Event - How to Do an Index Review April 14th, 2010 5:30 - 8:00 17th Floor Conference Room, Richardson Building One Lombard Place, Winnipeg Pizza and Drinks Provided! Did you know that SQL Server 2005+ keeps query execution statistics, index usage statistics and even missing index statistics? Learn how to access this information and use it to help you make good decisions about what your database really needs in terms of indexes in a lot less time than you might think an index review should take. ......

Expectations + Rewards = Innovation

“Innovation” is a heavy word. We regard those that embrace it as “Innovators”. We describe organizations as being “Innovative”. We hold those associated with the word in high regard, even though its dictionary definition is very simple: Introducing something new. What our culture has done is wrapped Innovation in white robes and a gold crown. Innovation is rarely just introducing something new. Innovations and innovators are typically associated with other terms: groundbreaking, genius, industry-changing, ......