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December 2009 Entries

Office 2007 – Not *really* OK with Office 2010

I bought into the hype as so many others did: Office 2010 could be installed side by side with Office 2007 on the same machine. I jumped in blindly, hoping beyond hope that there wouldn’t be any issues or weird nuances that typically plague a beta release. What was I thinking?! First off, Office 2010 and 2007 *can* be installed side by side…except for Outlook which is sort of a big deal. You can only run one version of Outlook on a machine at any given time. So while Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint ......

Tech Days Winnipeg – Day 1

We’re coming to the close of Tech Days Winnipeg Day 1 and so far so good I think. I delivered my two Silverlight sessions that I did in Calgary, which I think went alright. That Prism talk is heavy though…lots in a one hour session. I think I need to do more blog posts to break that up into more digestible chunks…anyway, thinking out loud on my blog. Here’s some pics from the day: The Win-Dev Platform boyz: Dave Alpert, Kelly Cassidy, moi, and David Wesst. Protegra in the house! Ross and Sean in ......