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Beauty and the Geek Season 3 - A guy named Scooter wins the money...fitting...

Thursday, February 15, 2007 8:50 AM

Remember Muppet Babies, and Scooter and Skeeter? Anyhoo..

Kyle posted about watching the season 3 finale of Beauty and the Geek tonight, and I thought I'd weigh in on my thoughts.

The right team definately won tonight. Scooter and Megan definately were the most changed team. I mean, if you would have put Nate in with Jennylee (they had a thing going on), then maybe...although I was a big fan of Neils too (Oooo, you tough my tra la la...my ding ding dong...ha, classic!...I actually downloaded that song off iTunes after watching that episode).

I've gotta wonder how pissed off CeCe would have been watching the show tonight and realizing that Nate was the one that cost them the money (although I think what he did was awesome and definately the right thing to do). I was hoping that they'd have one of those "recap" shows, but I guess the ratings weren't high enough to justify one? (or maybe those type of recap shows are out of style now)

They had some really geeky guys on there. One guy, Mario, had a tatoo of a Nintendo controller on his arm. Another guy was die-hard Trekkie. Nate is the lead singer of a star wars themed band called "So Long Princess" (check out their MySpace site here). I was Googling around and found this article that included a clip from You Tube about Nate (it was from when the show had just premiered). Best quote of the clip is at the end where the weatherguy goes "Hey, if he's getting chicks like that sign me up for Dungeons and Dragons" LOL!

So yeah, great season overall. They should try and incorporate more of this type of stuff at the next Tech Ed event. Think about it: taking a bunch of uber geeks and matching them with booth-babes in competitions over the week of the conference. The girls would have to run a D&D tournament or complete a .NET 3.0 lab while the guys could try to eat vegetables in at least one meal of the day and remember to put on deodorant.

Now THAT would be reality TV.



# re: Beauty and the Geek Season 3 - A guy named Scooter wins the money...fitting...

Your idea of making the beautiful chicks complete a .NET 3.0 lab seemed weird at first, but now that I think of that, it would be as nice as a bald guy with a human hair wig. I don't think it's impossible for good-looking girls to like computer science or geeks, for a matter of fact. 11/28/2010 2:06 AM | ElisabethBrittani

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