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I Survived the All Nighter

Saturday, February 3, 2007 10:20 PM

So I posted yesterday about how I was gearing up for the all-nighter that happened last night/this morning.

But first, some backstory to fill in:

So after posting yesterday morning, I proceeded to leave the house and head to the gym. I messed up entering the code to our ADT panel, but re-entered it without a problem. I left the house, then realized I forgot my wallet. Back in I went.

My wife tells me that ADT called. I listened to the message and they were calling about a distress signal that was sent from our house (?!?!?). So I called, and the only thing we could think of was that when I messed up entering my code the first time I accidentally hit a combination of keys that sent a hidden distress call. Seriously...what are the chances? They had called the cops already, and although they notified them that it was a false alarm, they still had to come out and make sure everything was ok. So I waited about 15 minutes and they came by...so I still got my workout in. But what a crazy morning.

Then there was work...which has been crazy this past week...and I won't be getting into it on my blog.

Then came the all nighter. We locked ourselves in at 7:00 PM and didn't leave until 9:00 AM this morning. No sleep. Lot's of sugar. We had some weirdness getting the LAN hooked up for gaming. For instance, we had 4 laptops with Starcraft installed. You'd think this would be easy, but we kept having weird connection issues with games (you could see the game that was created but you could never join). We finally got two of the laptops working properly, but we still don't know what the issue was. I think it was the Linksys router personally.

On another note, did you know that the IPX protocol is NOT available in Vista?! I had to install my copy of Starcraft on my XP VPC on my machine...seriously...not kewl.

We also ordered way too much pizza. We had a Christmas youth party, and we ordered 11 XL 'zas for about 20 youth or so, and it went really fast! This time we had almost 30 people, so we thought we better order enough. So we did 17 XL 'zas. We had about 9 full pizzas left over...seriously. They were eating like birds all night...such are youth I guess (unpredictable).

We did our usual 3 AM walk to the convenience store a few blocks away. It was crazy cold though...almost -50 C, but the kids were troopers.

Overall a great time by all. No injuries, no kids being sent home early...it went really well! I slept like a log all day though. Hit the bed at 10 AM and didn't get up until around 5 or 6. I'm sure pretty much everyone did the same thing.

So Superbowl tomorrow, and then back to work...which I think will be just as crazy this week coming up...



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