DAX Studio 2.8.0 Released

So it’s been a little while coming, but the 2.8.0 release of DAX Studio is now available at https://daxstudio.org 

It contains a host of new features as well as a lot of stability improvements. Below is a copy of the release notes.

New Features:

  • Filter Dump Measure – right-clicking a table in the metadata pane can generate a measure that returns a string describing the active filter context in a table or in all the tables. The DAX measure generated should be copied in a Tabular model to display the filter context in a report tooltip for debugging purposes.
  • Define All Measures – right-clicking a table in the metadata pane can generate the definition of all the measures defined in a table or in all the tables.
  • Parameter UI - if your query contains @parameters you will be prompted for the parameter values
  • Auto-Save - if DAX Studio was not shutdown cleanly it will offer to recover the files that were open
  • Goto Line - ctrl+G lets you jump to a specified line number
  • Updated Data Provider libraries for connecting to Azure AS, PowerBI.com and Power BI Desktop
  • Support for Power BI Aggregation events in ServerTimings and AllQueries traces
  • Digitally Signed - the installer, Excel Addin and Standalone executable are all now digitally signed
  • Option to zoom results grid with query text (useful for when presenting)
  • Optimized tracing of Direct Query for newer engine sources (which now support filtering these trace events by session id)
  • Added links to dax.guide into function tooltips in code completion window
  • Option to set results grid font size
  • Added hotkey Ctrl-Shift-N to open a new query with the same connection as the current window


  • connecting to PowerPivot models with a single quote characters (') in the file name
  • defaulting Find/Replace text from the current selected text in the editor
  • added VAR & RETURN to the code completion keywords
  • fixed default file format to use UTF-8 (but you an still open both UCS2 or UTF-8 files)
  • fix for mis-reported line numbers for errors with DaxFormatter.com
  • fix to properly increment file names when exporting multiple resultsets to csv
  • numerous stability fixes as a result of reported issues and crash reports including:
    • fixed crash when resizing DAX Studio to a very narrow width
    • fixed crash when dragging metadata to editor while intellisense window was open
    • fixed crash when querying a table with the ^ character in a column name
    • fixed crash when clicking save when no document is open
    • fixed occassional crashes when copying & pasting (work around for .Net issue)
    • fixed numerous crashes when clicking ribbon buttons after closing all query windows

Print | posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 9:45 AM