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I presented a talk at the #vBug user group run by David Ringsell at Bristol. David in his day job runs his own venture known by the name of “Talk-IT” which provides training for developers. You can check out the catalogue of online courses offered by David here In his free time David engages with MVP’s and community speakers to bring the best of new technologies to the Bristol and Bath Techies. You can check more details about the upcoming talk sessions at #vBug here 


Image 1 – Kicking the session off! Thanks to David for pulling such a great bunch of enthusiastic techies in the crowd

In my talk I briefly talked about and Demo-ed a lot of,

  • The Software development lifecycle model, Agile and Waterfall delivery models
  • The ALM Puzzle if you are trying to deliver using disintegrated systems
  • The goodness of the Microsoft ALM suite
  • Sprint planning and task board using Web Access
  • Visualizing requirements using Storyboarding
  • Getting rich feedback using Feedback manager
  • Productivity enhancements to Visual Studio 2012
  • How to fix those hard to reproduce issues using IntelliTrace in production
  • TFS on premise VS TFS on cloud
  • The new release cadence for Visual Studio @ Microsoft


Image 2 – Showing the sprint management and tracking tools using Web Access in TFS 2012

You can find more details about the course agenda and the details of my talk here.

Cheers, Tarun In love

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