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So I got myself one of these from Ebay. Its a 320x480 screen that fits to a Raspberry Pi. After a bit of digging (and fortunately) a backup of the Pi, pre and post installation, I got it working. The screen came from China, in just a bit of bubble wrap. I’m interested in using the screen to display caller-ID and album-art for what’s play. So a top word of advice. When you get a screen like this, ......

Adam Christianson, picked up on my experimentation with HomeBridge last week.  Much thanks

In big news, I now have Apple HomeKit working at home. Last night I was able to stand outside my house (outside of our WIFI range) and speak into Apple watch, and say Hey Siri, Switch Living Room Lights on. & the correct lights all came on. This little achievement was due to the fact I had some Phillips Hue Bulbs and the older non HomeKit hub. However, I came across this really neat bit of software that works on the Raspberry Pi. Called HomeBridge. HomeBridge lets you turn HomeKit devices into ......

So I’ve just upgraded my raspberry Pi, from Shairport to Shairport-Sync.

So read back a bit, if you don’t know (and I’m sure you do),  Shairport turns Pi, into an Airplay receiver.


I’ve got to say,  Shairport-Sync is such a big improvement.   Its stable,  audio actually sounds better.     It doesn’t crash….    I’m just investigating using the meta-data so I can get a LCD screen displaying album art and a description of whats playing...