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(Blondie - Picture This)

This post has nothing todo with the title, but just thought it was funny...

Last week,   I began writing an AJAX calendar control within Visual Studio.   This is how far I got:


However,   I had an interesting problem.    I resumed my laptop from Hibernate (I was not in a hot bag situation that day).    I was staying in a hotel using a standard WIFI connection provided by the hotel.    Clicking a button on my calendar control caused  an AJAX event to pull back data.   However because I was in this hotel, I was pulling back the logon (and pay) to the hotels WIFI web-page rather than my XML data.     I think its time to bullet proof my AJAX code to redirect to a full page if  something untoward like this happens.

More on this story as it breaks :-)

posted on Friday, December 5, 2008 11:00 PM