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When you are working as a coder, you need to learn how to be as productive as possible. You cannot get your work done if you are not disciplined and organized. Plus, you can increase your productivity if you use these tips during the day. You do not need to do all of these things at the same time. However, you can test each productivity tip until you have figured out what works best for you.

1. Start Slow

When you are coding, you should start by doing some simple corrections or lines of code that are not difficult. You do not want to start by typing at a breakneck pace, and you should allow your brain to get engaged with your work before you start moving faster.

2. Use A Headset

You can take calls during the day when you have a headset that connects to your phone. Headsets are comfortable and easy to use. You never need to pick up the phone, and you can talk while you work. You can use a headset to dictate texts or messages you need to send, and you can sit in one place without constantly moving around. Any extra movement will waste time and energy.

3. Take A Break

You need to take proper breaks during the day. If you are not taking a break during the day, your legs, arms, and hands will hurt. Plus, you will begin to fade because you cannot focus for such a long time. Every time you take a break, you can change tasks. You can take a break for lunch, and you should walk away from your desk. You have some time to stretch your legs, and you can do some stretches to help minimize pain or discomfort in your arms.

4. Change Your Posture

You need to change your posture so that you do not feel back pain when you are working. You do not need to get a new chair when you can slide forward, straighten your back, and raise your head. You should try to drop your shoulders to reduce tension in your body, and you should try to relax your jaw. If you feel that your back pain is out of control, you might want to get a special chair that helps you remain in the proper seated position for hours at a time.

5. Check Yourself

You need to check your work from time to time for errors. If you move too fast, you will have problems with the code because your finger can easily slip on a keyboard. You can test the code to make sure it works, or you can run the code through a “code checker” that will let you know if any parts of the code are wrong. You can make some quick changes to the code, and you will remain productive.


You should use the productivity tips above to make coding easier on your body during the day. You need to use these tips to prevent fatigue, and you should consider how your office chair changes the way you get work done. Most people who are coding think that they need to work for days at a time to get good results. However, breaks, proper posture, and a steady pace will give you better results.

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