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The TPL (Task Parallel Library) of NET 4 contains a plethora of datatypes for implicit / explicit data and task parallelism + several synchronization primatives. Of course, when you learn something, its never the end of the story… contains a class library which leverages and complements the functionality available in the .NET Framework 4 TPL. Please find below my spelunk into this class library:




Parallel General Extensions

  • AggregateExceptionExtensions

  • BlockingCollectionExtensions – the precursor to C# 5 Asynchrony TAP pattern Join construct ?

  • CompletedTask – provides access to an already completed task – useful for using ContinueWith overloads that arnt StartNew equivelents

  • ConcurrentDictionaryExtensions

  • IProducerConsumerCollectionExtensions

  • LazyExtensions

  • LinqToTasks – provides LINQ support for Tasks

  • ParallelLinqOptions – provides a grouping for PLINQ options

  • PlinqExtensions

  • TaskCompletionSourceExtensions

  • TaskExtensions


Coordination Data Structures

  • ActionCountdownEvent – runs an Action when a CountdownEvent reaches zero

  • AsynchCache – Caches asynchronously retrieved data – eg streamed data

  • ConcurrentPriorityQueue – a thread safe priority queue structure

  • ConcurrentRandomNumberGenerator – a thread safe psuedo random number generator

  • ObjectPool – a thread safe random number generator

  • ObservableConcurrentCollection – a thread safe concurrent collection for use with data binding

  • ObservableConcurrentDictionary – a thread safe concurrent dictionary for use with data binding

  • Pipeline – provides support for pipeline data processing

  • ProducerConsumerCollectionBase – Provides a base implementation for producer-consumer collections that wrap other producer-consumer collections.

  • ReductionVariable – Provides a reduction variable for aggregating data across multiple threads involved in a computation

  • SpinLockClass – provides a simple referrence type wrapper for SpinLock struct



  • FileAsync – provides asych counterparts to members of the File class

  • StreamExtensions – extension methods for asynchronously working with streams

  • WebRequestExtensions - extension methods for asynchronously working with web requests



  • EAPCommon

  • PingExtensions – extension methods for asynchronously working with Ping

  • SmtpClientExtensions – extension methods for asynchronously working with SMTP client

  • WebClientExtensions – extension methods for asynchronously working with Web Client



  • TaskFactoryExtensions

  • SelfReplicatingTask – provides a task capable of replicating itself


Parallel Algorithms

  • ParallelAlgorithms



  • ChunkPartitioner – partitions an enumerable into chunks based on user supplied criteria
  • RangePartitioner – partitions a range into sub-ranges. For very small loop bodies with a large number of iterations that require equal amounts of processing time, Parallel.ForEach with a RangePartitioner may be more efficient than a Parallel.For.


Task Schedulers

  • IOTaskScheduler - Provides a task scheduler that targets the I/O ThreadPool

  • LimitedConcurrencyLevelTaskScheduler - Provides a task scheduler that ensures a maximum concurrency level while running on top of the ThreadPool.
  • OrderedTaskScheduler - Provides a task scheduler that ensures only one task is executing at a time, and that tasks execute in the order that they were queued.

  • PrioritizingTaskScheduler - Provides a task scheduler that supports reprioritizing previously queued tasks

  • RoundRobinTaskScheduler - Enables the creation of a group of schedulers that support round-robin scheduling for fairness.

  • StaTaskScheduler - Provides a scheduler that uses STA threads

  • SynchronizationContextTaskScheduler - Provides a task scheduler that targets a specific SynchronizationContext

  • ThreadPerTaskScheduler - Provides a task scheduler that dedicates a thread per task

  • WorkStealingTaskScheduler -


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