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  • Limitations in workflows requiring workarounds:
  • Designer is slow – make a coffee slow!
  • A setStateActivity is not the end of the Workflow’s current flow!
  • In binding, how do you access the properties of dependnecy property sub-properties?
  • a dependency property custom activity for receieveactivity binding must be inside the receiveactivity
  • In rule condition, you cannot reference a dependency property in a custom activity
  • a code activity cannot work on an adjacent activity without explicitly specifying its name
  • declarative rules condition editor doesn’t support LINQ eg .contains
  • declarative rules condition editor doesn’t support constants
  • Copying an activity does not copy name for modification
  • No data flow, only control flow à requires a lot of code and tree traversal
  • No support for SendActivity custom WCF bindings
  • Cannot use a DelayActivity from inside an EventDrivenActivity
  • Instance versioning
  • RuleActionTrackingEvent only works with PolicyActivity, not IfElseActivity



Posted on Friday, October 24, 2008 7:07 PM Workflow , Meta-Programming | Back to top

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Thank you for this info.
Left by elementy zlaczne on Sep 16, 2010 5:55 AM

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I put a lot of work to collect all that requairements, thx
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