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I had a Motorola MPX Smartphone 5 years ago.  Since then I've been on Verizon (the "cable company" of carriers) with a LG MP3 player phone.  The MP3 sounded s620_141x228like crap.  It would assume a style like concert hall and add reverb.  What the hell is that?  Reverb?  Listening to Carl Franklin on Reverb is only best done when working with model airplane glue.  So T-Mobile has this $200 off and $50 rebate = $99 deal, so I jumped ship to T-Mobile.  Plus their unlimited email package is $10, Verizon pushes you to unlimited data for $45.

The phone is the HTC S620 Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.0.  I've paid no attention to devices since losing my Moto.  But one thing they seem to have now is wireless.  So at home, in a coffee shop, or my neighbors driveway, I can sync email and browse the web at wireless speeds.

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Give us more details! :) do you develop mobile apps too?
Left by Lou on Dec 20, 2007 10:32 AM

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